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Friday Immersions

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Clarification on A Morning of Lessons:

The Parents' Union motto was “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life,' and Charlotte Mason clarified that it is only by these three instruments that we may lawfully educate our children. We do this by giving the children a wide range of subjects and letting them learn from really good books, over which they must personally labor, while the teacher rouses her students without a flood of talk. Miss Mason said that to "live up to this motto and in it [requires] much and continual thinking and strenuous living." (3/148) Join Nicole for a 'morning of lessons' where you will experience first-hand a variety of subjects completed using only these three instruments. These immersion lessons, a full school day, in fact, will include Bible, math, picture study, Spanish, recitation, poetry, geography, drill or PE, grammar, natural history, and nature study. The day will end with a time of questions and answers and general brainstorming.

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