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Friday Immersions

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For those of you attending Fridays Immersions, featuring Natural Writer with Liz, Living Science Immersion with Nicole and History & Charts with Emily. Hello! It will be such a treat to interact with this smaller group of people, and have more opportunities to ask questions of the speakers and really get to know each subject. I will be on site all day this year and hope to visit with you more over lunch or just in passing.

There will be a BRIEF lunch break and traffic in TC can be a bit of a beast at that time of year. I will organize a delivery from www, if you let me know ahead of time what you want to order.

There are still openings for Library Tours with the incomparable Michelle Howard. CPL is just a few minutes away from the church and Haven.

Friday night Dinner at Haven with Liz, Emily, Nicole and Jessica at 6pm!

Sign up here!/showRSVPSignUp/8050949a5a92aa3fb6-friday

I will share more updates again. Let me know if any questions you may have! ~Joy

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